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№8, 2006

E.I.Abduragimov A positive solution of a two-point boundary value problem for a certain nonlinear ordinary differential equation of the fourth order 1
V.P.Derevenskii Hyperbolic functions and first order nonlinear ordinary differential equations over a Banach algebra 5
T.V.Zudina and S.E.Stepanov Classification of equivolume maps of pseudo-Riemannian manifolds 17
B.A.Kats Boundary properties of the Cauchy integral along a curve which loses its rectifiability near a single point 26
Ye.N.Kurmanova and A.M.Sebeldin Necessary and sufficient conditions for Hom-divisibility of rational groups 34
A.A.Magazev and I.V.Shirokov Variational Hamiltonian systems and integration of the Jacobi equation on homogeneous spaces 38
V.N.Paimushin Exact analytic solutions to the problem about plane forms of free oscillations of a rectangular plate with free edges 50
L.V.Smovzh The tangential convergence almost everywhere of operators with common kernels 59
A.N.Frolov SET-1-reducibility on the class of computable sets 65
A.N.Karapetyants A $BMO_\lambda^p(\mathbb{D})$ spaces, compact Toeplitz operators with $BMO_\lambda^1(\mathbb{D})$ symbols on weighted Bergman spaces, and the Berezin transform 71

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