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№7, 2006

A.I.Vagabov and Z.A.Abdurakhmanov Analytic solution method for a mixed problem for a quasilinear parabolic system 1
V.A.Gor'kavy Conformal transformations of surfaces in Minkowski space which preserve the Grassmann image 11
A.S.Dudova On the stability of the solution of the problem on the best approximation of a convex compact by a ball 22
D.V.Kurdomonov Estimation of the rate of convergence of the FourierЦLegendre series of functions of bounded variation 31
A.G.Losev, Ye.A.Mazepa, and V.Yu.Chebanenko On unbounded solutions of the stationary Schrodinger equation on model Riemannian manifolds 43
M.G.Plotnikov On the bound of existence of uniqueness for two-dimensional Haar series 54
K.B.Sabitov and N.V.Chiganova The Tricomi problem for an equation of mixed type with a nonsmooth line of power degeneracy 62
Z.B.Tsalyuk Asymptote of the resolvent of the Volterra equation with a difference kernel with power singularities of a symbol 74

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