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№6, 2006

O.V.Vasiljeva Nonholonomic surfaces of double revolution in four-dimensional Euclidean space 1
B.G.Gabdulkhaev and I.N.Tikhonov The quadrature-cubature solution method for nonlinear bisingular integral equations with monotone operators 13
O.Jokhadze and B.Midodashvili High order spatial hyperbolic equations with dominated lower terms 24
V.B.Levenshtam and G.L.Khatlamadzhiyan The extension of the averaging theory onto differential equations with large-amplitude quickly oscillating terms. The problem on periodic solutions 33
S.F.Lukomskii Subsequences of partial sums of the FourierЦWalsh series in the Lorentz spaces 46
R.G.Mubarakzjanov Lower bounds of complexity of probabilistic branching programs with a big ordered part 54
A.V.Semenova Algebras over the operad of finite labeled graphs 63
E.N.Sosov Metric space of all N-nets in the space of non-positive Busemann curvature 72
A.V.Shishkina Inversion of the L'Hospital rule for holomorphic in a ball functions 76

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