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№5, 2006

G.E.Abduragimov Existence and uniqueness of a positive solution of the boundary value problem for certain nonlinear functional-differential equation of the second order 1
V.N.Bobochko Uniform asymptotic of a solution of a nonhomogeneous system of two differential equations with a turning point 6
V.V.Vlasov The behavior of solutions of systems of neutral functional-differential equations 17
B.G.Grebenshchikov Asymptotic properties of certain systems with two delays 24
Ye.S.Zhukovskii The Cauchy function of a functional-differential equation in a Banach space 34
V.S.Mokeichev Proof of basis property using only asymptotics of eigenelements and adjoined elements 43
A.G.Chentsov On compactification of a bundle of trajectories of one abstract controllable system 50
A.V.Chistyakov On piecewise injective measurable maps 62
K.M.Chudinov On the duality of partial and conditional stabilities of linear functional-differential equations 67

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