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№3, 2006

M.M.Arslanov and N.Kehayopulu Weak presentations of computable ordered semigroups 1
M.S.Bespalov Operators of the multiplicative Fourier transform 7
V.V.Vlasov and S.A.Ivanov Estimates of solutions of nonhomogeneous difference-differential equations of the neutral type 22
G.V.Kovaleva and N.Ya.Tikhonenko Extension of the definition domain of singular integral operators with degenerating symbol 29
A.G.Pinus On definability of derived objects on universal algebras 34
R.G.Salahudinov Two-sided estimates of Lp-norms of the stress function for convex domains in Rn 39
M.V.Turbin Correct definition of initial-boundary-value problems for the generalized KelvinЦVoight model 47
B.A.Shuvar and M.I.Kopach About a sufficient existence condition of a solution to the equation with nonmonotonic operators 56
L.D.Eskin On the Parsons model in the case of bifurcation point with two-dimensional branching 59
A.A.Kungurtsev One hyperbolic equation in a three-dimensional space 72

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