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№2, 2006

S.A.Aldashev Criterion of existence of eigenfunctions of spectral DarbouxЦProtter problems for a multidimensional EulerЦDarbouxЦPoisson equation 1
F.N.Garif'yanov Three difference equations in a plane with a T-shaped cut 9
I.T.Denisyuk Solution of the Lame wave equation in domains with piecewise-smooth boundaries 13
V.R.Zachepa Finitely determined singularities of functions generated by unsolved integration 24
G.G.Skorik Estimate of the error of the method of average functions in the problem of numerical differentiation of a noisy function 33
I.V.Chernyshev Formation of a nonhomogeneous profile of a stream of a viscous fluid at the entrance region of a cylindrical channel 40
E.A.Shirokova Subordination chains and their application to the modeling of the process of cavities growth 47
G.I.Shishkin The Richardson method for increasing the accuracy of grid solutions of singularly perturbed elliptic equations of convection-diffusion 55
A.N.Karapetyants and V.A.Nogin $L_p\to L_q$-estimates for the twisted convolution operator, whose kernel has singularities on a sphere and at the origin of coordinates 69

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