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№12, 2006

R.Gabasov, N.M.Dmitruk, and F.M.Kirillova Parallelization of computations for the optimal control of large dynamic systems 1
Z.R.Gabidullina A theorem on separability of a convex polyhedron from zero point of the space and its applications in optimization 18
E.E.Gurevskii and V.A.Emelichev Stability of the vector Boolean minimization problem on absolute deviations of linear functions from zero 24
I.I.Eremin The Fejer methods for the strong separability of convex polyhedral sets 30
A.Ya.Zolotukhin, R.V.Namm, and A.V.Pachina The linear convergence rate of the methods with iterative proximal regularization 41
V.I.Zorkaltsev Symmetric duality in optimization and its applications 53
V.M.Kravtsov The characterization of types of maximally noninteger vertices of a polyhedron in the three-index axial assignment problem 63
E.O.Mazurkevich A regularization method for oligopolistic equilibrium problems 67
S.Ya.Serovaiskii Sequential derivatives of operators and their applications in nonsmooth problems of optimal control 73
Index 76
Misprints in Russian Edition (2006) 76

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