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№11, 2006

O.G.Avsyankin Noetherian multidimensional integral operators with homogeneous and quasihomogeneous kernels 1
B.G.Gabdulkhaev and R.K.Gubaidullina Solution methods for one class of multidimensional singular integral equations 9
N.A.Erzakova Asymptotically correct mappings 15
D.I.Ivanov Weakly combinatorial-selector sets 20
V.A.Kolmykov On the commutativity relation in semigroups of injections 24
M.F.Nasrutdinov Stable finiteness of group rings 27
Zh.S.Satarov Generators and defining relations of the generalized full linear group over semilocal rings without unity}. II 31
A.V.Stolyarov Conformally connected space 40
V.I.Ushakov and A.V.Klochkov The behavior of solutions to one-phase Stefan problem with large values of time 52
Abdon E. Choque Rivero The Caratheodory problem in the class S[a,b] 58
N.A.Opokina The left connection on the tensor bundle of type (2,0) of a Lie group 74

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