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№10, 2006

N.R.Abubakirov Three-parameter inverse boundary value problems in simply connected domains 1
V.V.Aseev and O.A.Lazareva Continuity of the reduced modulus and the transfinite diameter 8
L.S.Efremova On the nonwandering set and the center of skew products of maps of the interval 17
V.V.Kartak Extensions of point-invariant classes of ordinary differential equations of the third order 26
L.V.Maslovskaya and O.M.Maslovskaya Penalty method for grids matching in the finite element method 29
V.P.Orlov Motion of a viscoelastic medium with a free boundary 40
V.N.Paimushin Approximate analytic solutions of the problem on plane forms of free oscillations for a rectangular plate with unfixed edges 47
Zh.S.Satarov Generators and defining relations of the generalized full linear group over semilocal rings without unity I 55
M.V.Falaleev Fundamental operator-functions of singular differential operators with sectoriality and radiality properties 64
N.V.Shustrova A mixed problem with deviation from a characteristic for the Lavrent'evЦBitsadze equation with a complex parameter 72

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