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№1, 2006

V.A.Abilov and F.V.Abilova On approximation of functions by FourierЦHermite sums in the space $L_2(mathbb{R};e^{-x^2})$ 1
S.A.Baeva and A.V.Glushko The initial-boundary-value problems of small fluctuations of viscous exponentially stratified fluids 11
I.A.Bikchantaev The Hilbert problem for a first order linear elliptic system with nonfinite coefficients on a Riemannian surface with boundary 14
N.A.Il'yasov Structural properties of periodic functions with absolutely convergent Fourier series 23
L.B.Mironova The Riemann method in $R^n$ for a system with multiple characteristics 32
T.N.Nikitina $\overline\partial$-closure of forms representable by a Koppelman integral on the basis of logarithmic residue 38
A.N.Pyzh'yanova Hyperbolic families of planes in the five-dimensional projective space (L32)2 51
A.N.Frolov Set-theoretic reducibilities with respect to a lattice of sets 55
D.Ya.Khusainov and A.T.Kozhametov Convergence of solutions of the neutral type nonautonomous systems 65
E.A.Golubeva Intrinsic geometry of normalized space with metric projective connection 70
B.M.Dubrov A class of contact invariants of systems of ordinary differential equations 73
Yu.A.Konyaev and Yu.G.Martynenko Asymptotic analysis of solutions of differential equations with polynomially periodic coefficients 75

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