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№8, 2007

Yu.R.Agachev Convergence of the polynomial projection method for the solution of ill-posed integrodifferential equations 1
O.A.Zadvornov, M.M.Karchevskii, and E.A.Fedotov Application of mixed schemes of the finite element method to the solution of problems of nonlinear filtration theory 14
T.V.Zudina, S.E.Stepanov, and I.G.Shandra Equiaffine mappings 25
E.K.Lipachev Integral equations in the wave scattering problem at an irregular interface of domains 33
A.V.Ryzhkova and E.I.Yakovlev Principal bundles admitting almost invariant structures 45
L.G.Salekhov A generalization of a singular convolution equation 57
O.G.Avsyankin Multidimensional integral operators with kernels of mixed homogeneity 63
V.E.Geit and N.Zh.Geit Nonnegativity criteria for fourth degree polynomials on the axis 67
V.M.Deundyak and G.G.Smolkin Discrete convolution operators with discontinuous symbols 71
D.A.Dubovikov An analog of the Lowner equation for mappings of strips 74

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