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№7, 2007

R.G.Aripov and D.Khadzhiev The complete system of global differential and integral invariants of a curve in Euclidean geometry 1
A.S.Balandin and V.V.Malygina Exponential stability of linear differential-difference equations of neutral type 15
B.G.Gabdulkhaev Quadrature formulas of the highest trigonometric accuracy grade and their applications 25
D.M.D'yachenko Certain constants in absolutely convergent Fourier series for functions from Hω 38
P.L.Ivankov The values of certain hypergeometric functions with irrational parameters 45
E.M.Kolenova Completely decomposable torsion-free Abelian End-groups 50
E.A.Polkina Curvature identities for almost contact metric manifolds 54
Zh.S.Satarov Generatrices and relations of a generalized orthogonal group over commutative semilocal rings without identity 58
S.N.Tronin On retracts and retractions of free modules over graded rings 68
V.I.Ushakov The Sobolev type equations with a nonsurjective operator at the time derivative 72
S.P.Kopysov and Yu.A.Sagdeeva The application of the wavelet transform in the numeric averaging of differential equations with quickly oscillating coefficients and in calculation of effective characteristics 76

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