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№5, 2007

A.M.Abdrakhmanov and A.I.Kozhanov A problem with a nonlocal boundary condition for one class of odd-order equations 1
F.A.Belykh, A.Yu.Borzakov, and A.V.Loboda Real subalgebras of small dimensions of the matrix lie algebra M(2,C) 11
I.A.Bikchantaev The Riemann problem on a three-sheeted surface for which the projections of branching points have one accumulation point 24
V.Ya.Derr and D.M.Kinzebulatov Dynamical generalized functions and the multiplication problem 32
O.A.Dzhungurova and I.N.Volodin The asymptotic of the necessary sample size in testing the hypotheses on the shape parameter of a distribution close to the normal one 44
M.Yu.Kuz'min A mathematical model of the motion of a nonlinear viscous fluid with the condition of slip on the boundary 51
I.N.Pleshchinskii and N.B.Pleshchinskii Integral equations in the coupling problem for semiopen dielectric waveguides 61

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