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№4, 2007

Yu.R.Agachev and R.K.Gubaidullina One multidimensional weakly singular integral equation 1
L.A.Aksent'ev, A.N.Akhmetova, and A.V.Khmelnitskaya The convexity of surfaces defined by the conformal radius of a plane domain 8
A.P.Antonov Smoothness of sums of trigonometric series with monotone coefficients 18
V.A.Igoshin and E.K.Kitaeva Affine motions of one-dimensional quadratic motions of nonzero curvature 27
N.A.Kul'sarina and V.F.Gilimshina Exact estimate for the rate of decrease of a solution to a parabolic equation of the 2nd lind for $t\to\infty$ 32
K.B.Sabitov and A.Kh.Suleimanova The Dirichlet problem for a mixed type equation of the second kind in a rectangular domain 42
A.Ya.Sultanov On real dimensions of Lie algebras of holomorphic affine vector fields 51
V.A.Terletskii Generalized solution of optimal control problems for hyperbolic systems 65
E.A.Utkina Increase of order of normal derivatives in the Goursat boundary value problem 76

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