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№3, 2007

N.S.Gabbasov and S.A.Solov'eva A spline method for the solution of integral equations of the third kind 1
V.I.Zhegalov and L.B.Mironova One system of equations with double major partial derivatives 9
S.A.Zagrebina On the ShowalterЦSidorov problem 19
N.Kehayopulu and M.Tsingelis Semilattice composition of ordered semigroups 25
N.A.Koreshkov A class of algebras of associative type 33
A.P.Loktionov Elongation and rotation of a linear element under the continuum deformation 42
A.R.Mirotin and M.A.Romanova Interpolation sets for the algebra of generalized analytic functions 46
O.G.Sidorenko An essentially nonlocal problem for a mixed type equation in a semiband 55
V.P.Tanana and M.G.Bulatova Order-optimal methods for the approximation of a piecewise-continuous solution to a certain inverse problem 60
B.A.Shuvar and M.I.Kopach Modified iterative aggregation algorithms 68
V.I.Germashev and V.E.Derbisher Properties of unimodal membership functions in operations with fuzzy sets 72

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