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№2, 2007

M.G.Esmaganbetov Exact JacksonЦStechkin inequalities and diameters of classes of functions from $L_2(R^2,e^{-x^2-y^2})$ 1
A.V.Lasunskii Stability of characteristic vectors of one class of linear systems of differential equations 8
E.Yu.Leonchik, N.A.Malaksiano Precise summability indices for functions from classes $A_\infty$ 15
R.F.Mardanov Solution of one inverse boundary value problem in aerohydrodynamics 25
G.S.Ragimkhanova and A.-R.K.Ramazanov Interpolation chain fraction and two extremal problems on rational approximations to |x| 33
I.A.Rudakov Periodic solutions of a nonlinear wave equation with Neumann and Dirichlet voundary conditions 44
L.D.Eskin A generalization of P.Ya.Polubarinova-Kochina's problem on basin drain 53
V.M.Bruk and V.A.Krys'ko Reduction of generalized S.P.Timoshenko equations to a differential operator equation of hyperbolic type 68
E.G.Ganenkova A theorem on the regularity of decrease in linearly invariant families of functions 71
V.I.Rodionov The adjoint RiemannЦStieltjes integral 75

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