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№12, 2007

O.Krupkova, G.E.Prince Lepage forms, closed 2-forms and second-order ordinary differential equations 1
M.A.Akivis, V.V.Goldberg Differential geometry of Lagrange-like webs 17
J.C.Cortissoz The Ricci flow on the two ball with a rotationally symmetric metric 30
D.Krupka The structure of the EulerЦLagrange mapping 52
V.B.Lazareva, A.M.Shelekhov On the problem of classification of regular 4-webs formed by pencils of spheres 71
V.I.Panzhenskii Motions in Kawaguchi spaces with special metric 78
E.A.Suleimanova On the properties of holomorphically 2-geodesic transformations of the first linear type of almost Hermitian structures 84
Misprints in "Russian Mathematics" (Iz. VUZ) (Vol. 51, 2007)

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