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№11, 2007

A.L.Ageev, T.V.Antonova Problem on separation of singularities 1
N.G.Gur'yanov, O.N.Tyuleneva A nonsymmetrical problem of the elasticity theory for a ball 8
Yu.M.Dyukarev, I.Yu.Serikova Complete indeterminacy of the NevanlinnaЦPick problem in the class S[a,b] 17
S.M.Mincic, L.S.Velimirovic On generalized Riemannian spaces containing Riemannian subspaces 30
L.Kh.Rakhmanova Solution of a nonlocal problem for a mixed-type parabolic-hyperbolic equation in a rectangular domain by the spectral method 35
P.A.Savenko, L.P.Protsakh Implicit function method in solving a two-dimensional nonlinear spectral problem 40
I.V.Sapronov The Volterra equation with a singularity in a Banach space 44
A.G.Chentsov Generalized elements in problem on asymptotic attainability 55
E.F.Akhmerova Asymptotics of spectrum of a harmonic oscillator perturbed by a nonsmooth potential 69
V.I.Panzhenskii, O.V.Sukhova Almost Hermitian structures on the tangent bundle of almost symplectic manifold 73
O.Yu.Khvorost, Z.B.Tsalyuk Stability and unstability of quasilinear systems of integrodifferential equations 76

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