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№1, 2007

V.M.Bruk Invertible linear relations generated by a uniformly well-posed problem and a nonnegative operator function 1
H.Vavrikova, J.Mikes, O.Pokorna, and G.Starko On fundamental equations of almost geodesic mappings of type я2(e) 8
B.A.Kats and A.Yu.Pogodina The jump problem and the FaberЦSchauder series 13
M.Yu.Kokurin Approximation of solutions to nonregular nonlinear equations by attractors of dynamic systems in a Banach space 19
A.M.Nigmedzyanova The study of the main boundary value problems for one degenerate elliptic equation by the method of potentials 30
I.P.Ryazantseva A continuous regularization method of the first order for nonlinear monotone equations 41
N.Yu.Satimov and M.Tukhtasinov On game problems for second order evolution equations 49
A.Sh.Khismatullin Solution of boundary value problems for one degenerate B-elliptic equation of the 2nd kind by the method of potentials 58
V.F.Chistyakov and E.V.Chistyakova Nonlocal theorems on existence of solutions of differential-algebraic equations of index 1 71

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