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№9, 2008

Yu.R.Agachev A spline-projection method for ill-posed integrodifferential equations 1
A.F.Galimyanov and D.E.Saifullina Solution methods for the generalized integral Volterra equation of the first kind 9
F.N.Garif'yanov The summarized equation for functions which are holomorphic in the exterior of a triangle 16
V.I.Kas'yanov Direct solution methods for singular integral equations with nonnegative indices 23
O.A.Koshcheeva Construction of the Riemann function for the Bianchi equation in an n-dimensional space 35
M.S.Matvejchuk Description of bilinear forms generated by indefinite vector measures 41
D.V.Prokhorov and V.G.Gordienko Definition of the boundary in the local Charzynski-Tammi conjecture 51
K.N.Vdovina, N.B.Pleshchinskii, and D.N.Tumakov Orthogonality of eigenwaves in a semi-open elastic waveguide 60
E.A.Osipov and N.B.Pleshchinskii Summatory and integral equations in periodic diffraction problems for elastic waves at defects in stratified media 65

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