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№8, 2008

E.S.Belkina and S.S.Platonov Equivalence of K-functionals and modulus of smoothness constructed by generalized Dunkl translations 1
M.S.Bichegkuev Bounded solutions of difference inclusions 12
N.A.Koreshkov Modules and ideals of algebras of associative type 20
M.Yu.Pershagin Projection methods for the solution of one class of singular integrodifferential equations 28
Yu.D.Churbanov Integrability of canonic affinor structures of homogeneous periodic Ф-spaces 35
L.D.Eskin A self-similar solution to the equation of gas filtration in a spherically symmetric porous medium 48
V.I.Zhegalov A problem with normal derivatives in boundary conditions for a system of differential equations 58
V.V.Malygina and T.L.Sabatulina The fixed sign property of solutions and stability of linear differential equations with varying distributed delay 61
E.N.Sattorov Continuation of a solution to a homogeneous system of Maxwell equations 65

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