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№7, 2008

V.P.Derevenskii Matrix Bernoulli equations II 1
A.L.Kuz'mina Lp(AP) spaces ($1\le p\le\infty$) and their adjoint ones 8
V.V.Malygina The exact boundaries of the stability domains of linear differential equations with distributed delay 15
S.V.Pavlikov On the stability problem for functional differential equations with infinite delay 24
E.M.Romanova Manifold of nondegenerate affinor fields 33
S.Ya.Serovaiskii The sequential differentiation and its applications in the optimal control problems 38
V.B.Cherepennikov and P.G.Ermolaeva The numerical experiment in the study of polynomial quasisolutions of linear differential-difference equations 48
N.A.Kuz'mina Dual geometry of Cartan distribution 61
A.M.Matveeva Linear connections of a framed distribution of hyperplane elements in conformal space 66

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