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№6, 2008

E.N.Bereslavskii Mathematical modeling of seepage flows in coastal pressure water-bearing strata 1
I.I.Kinzina Calculation of eigenvalues of a discrete self-adjoint operator perturbed by a bounded operator 13
B.S.Kochkarev Admissible values of one parameter for maximal Sperner families of subsets of the type (k,k+1) 22
V.A.Kyrov Classification of four-dimensional transitive local Lie groups of transformations of R4 and their two-point invariants 25
V.S.Mokeichev Existence and basisness of eigen and adjoined elements of linear operators 37
M.T.Terekhin Small periodic solutions of nonlinear systems of differential equations with constant deviation 49
A.Yu.Trynin A criterion for the uniform convergence of sinc-approximations on a segment 58
T.N.Glukhova Normal connections induced by a framed hypersurface in the conformal space 70

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