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№5, 2008

S.S.Volosivets and B.I.Golubov The Hardy and Bellman operators in spaces connected with H(T) and BMO(T) 1
L.D.Gogoladze and V.Sh.Tsagareishvili The absolute convergence of the Fourier-Haar series for two-dimensional functions 9
M.G.Grigoryan The strong L1-greedy property of the Walsh system 20
M.I.D'yachenko The Hardy-Littlewood theorem for trigonometric series with generalized monotone coefficients 32
K.S.Kazarian, E.M.Semenov, S.N.Uksusov Bases of rearrangement invariant spaces 41
V.G.Krotov and M.A.Prokhorovich The Luzin approximation of functions from classes $W^p_{\alpha}$ on metric spaces with measure 47
L.P.Kuvardina and A.P.Khromov The equiconvergence of expansions in eigenfunctions and associated functions of an integral operator with involution 58
T.P.Lukashenko The A-integral and its application in the study of P.L.Ul'yanov and other matematicians 67
A.I.Rubinshtein The best convergence of multiple trigonometric series 72
A.M.Sedletskii Approximation of the Muntz-Szasz type in weight spaces Lp and zeroes of functions of Bergman classes in a half-plane 80
E.A.Storozhenko The Turan-type inequalities for complex polynomials in L0-metrics 88

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