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№4, 2008

V.V.Balashchenko Invariant f-structures on naturally reductive homogeneous spaces 1
I.Hinterleitner, J.Mikes, J.Stranska Infinitesimal F-planar transformations 13
V.V.Goldberg On the existence of paratactical three-webs 19
I.A.Gundyrev On similarity homogeneous locally compact spaces with intrinsic metric 24
A.G.Kushner Contact linearization of nondegenerate Monge-Ampere equations 38
M.V.Morgun and A.Ya.Sultanov On Lie algebras of affine vector fields of ideal realizations of holomorphic linear connections 53
E.N.Sosov The relative Chebyshev centers of finite sets in geodesic spaces 59
H.L.Huru Braided symmetric and exterior algebras and quantizations of braided Lie algebras 65
O.S.Germanov A Weyl-geodesic field of cones in a three-dimensional Riemannian space II. First integrals of geodesics 76

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