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№3, 2008

E.S.Zhukovskii, M.J.Alves Abstract Volterra operators 1
A.Yu.Kulikov, V.V.Malygina Stability of nonautonomous difference equations with several delays 15
P.D.Lebedev, A.A.Uspenskii Geometry and asymptotics of wavefronts 24
Yu.V.Masterkov, L.I.Rodina Sufficient conditions for the local controllability of systems with random parameters for an arbitrary number of system states 34
V.V.Provotorov Expansion in eigenfunctions of the Sturm-Liouville problem on a bundle graph 45
A.G.Chentsov Extension of an abstract attainability problem with the use of the Stone representation space 58
K.M.Chudinov The geometric nature of partial and conditional stability 69

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