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№2, 2008

E.N.Bereslavskii Application of the principle of symmetry to the solution of the Slichter problem 1
O.N.Bykova The study of a generalized integral of the Temlyakov type in the unit bicircle 6
V.P.Derevenskii Matrix Bernoulli equations I 12
R.G.Zainullin One analytic approach to the solution of one-dimensional heat conduction problem with free boundaries 22
A.G.Labutkin, R.B.Salimov A modified inverse boundary-value problem for an airfoil located close to a rectilinear barrier 30
A.I.Mikheeva, R.Z.Dautov Accuracy of the penalty method for parabolic variational inequalities with an obstacle inside the domain 39
M.N.Sabitova On representations of the Weil-Deligne group 46
P.A.Terekhin Components of functions summable by elements of families of splash functions 51
V.I.Chilin, I.G.Ganiev, K.K.Kudaibergenov The Gelfand-Naimark theorem for C*-algebras over a ring of measurable functions 58
N.R.Abubakirov Symmetric solutions of inverse boundary-value problems and their univalence conditions 67
A.A.Karelin, G.P.Lechuga, A.A.Tarasenko The Riemann boundary-value problem and singular integral equations with piecewise constant coefficients 71
A.V.Semenova The operad of finite labeled lattices 75

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