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№12, 2008

E.I.Abduragimov Uniqueness of a positive radially symmetric solution of the Dirichlet problem for certain nonlinear differential equation of the second order in a ball 1
D.B.Davletov Singularly perturbed Dirichlet boundary-value problem for a stationary system in the linear elasticity theory 4
A.I.Dolgarev Description of finite nilpotent groups of the 2nd degree with a prime odd period 13
N.Kehayopulu and M.Tsingelis Ordered semigroups having the P-property 23
N.A.Koreshkov n-tuple algebras of associative type 28
E.Yu.Lerner Prime witnesses in the Shor algorithm and the Miller-Rabin algorithm 36
E.E.Permyakova Limit theorems for random processes with random time substitution 41
T.Kh.Rasulov The Faddeev equation and the location of the essential spectrum of a model multi-particle operator 50
V.N.Semenchuk and O.A.Mokeeva On the problem of classification of superradical formations 60
M.A.Lukin Semiring Unions of a Ring and a Half-Body 65
Misprints in "Russian Mathematics" (Iz. VUZ) (Vol. 51, 2007, and Vol. 52, 2008)

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