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№11, 2008

R.R.Abzalimov and E.V.Salyakhova A difference-analytical method for the computation of eigenvalues of the fourth-order equations with separated boundary conditions 1
V.M.Bruk Generalized resolvents of linear relations generated by a nonnegative operator function and a differential elliptic-type expression 8
S.S.Volosivets Convergence of series of fourier coefficients for multiplicative convolutions 23
V.I.Zhegalov and A.A.Kungurtsev Characteristic boundary problems for the Liouville equation 35
V.A.Kyrov Projective geometry and the theory of physical structures 42
L.M.Pidzhakova A class of isoclinic three-webs 53
N.O.Sedova The global asymptotic stability and stabilization in nonlinear cascade systems with delay 60
V.E.Geit and N.Zh.Geit Criteria for the constant sign property for real polynomials on a segment 70

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