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№ 7, 2015

M.I.Kabanova On differential-geometric structures on a manifold of nonholonomic (n+1)-web 1
N.S.Kashtanov and A.V.Lapin Efficiently implementable iterative methods for linear elliptic variational inequalities with constraints on the gradient of solution 7
A.A.Kosov Investigation of convergence of large scale almost periodic systems by means of comparison vector functions with components as forms of even degrees 21
A.V.Lapin and D. G. Zalyalov Method of penalization for the state equation for an elliptical optimal control problem 31
O.A.Repin and S.K.Kumykova Boundary-value problem with Saigo operators for mixed type equation of the third order with multiple characteristics 44
R.B.Salimov Asymptotical representation of singular integral with the Hilbert kernel near a point of weak continuity of density 52
E.A.Utkina Characteristic boundary-value problem for a system of first-order partial differential equations with shifted arguments of the desired function 56

Brief communications

D.M.Missarov and A.F.Shamsutdinov Dynamics of renormalization group in the lower half-plane of the coupling constants of the fermionic hierarchical model 62
N.Temirgaliev, N.Zh.Nauryzbayev, and A.A.Shomanova Approximative capabilities of "Smolyak type" computational aggregates with Dirichlet, Fejer and Vallee-Poussin kernels in the scale of Ul’yanov classes 67

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