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6, 2015

K.A.Baikalova On the number of models of theories of locally free algebras 1
D.V.Gorkovets Biquandle invariants for links in the projective space 5
E.V.Lipacheva and K.G.Ovsepyan The structure of C*-subalgebras of the Toeplitz algebra fixed with respect to a finite group of automorphisms 10
M.E.Muminov and A.M.Khurramov On compact perturbation of twoparticle Schrodinger operator on a lattice 18
K.B.Sabitov Initialboundary problem for parabolichyperbolic equation with loaded summands 23
M.S.Salakhitdinov and N.B.Islamov A nonlocal boundaryvalue problem with the BitsadzeSamarskii conditon for a parabolichyperbolic equation of the second kind 34
D.S.Chistyakov Separable torsionfree modules with UA-rings of endomorphisms 43
A.N.Shchetinin On factor spaces of compact Lie groups by subgroups of corank one 49

Brief communications

A.V.Loboda and A.V.Shipovskaya On complete list of affine homogeneous surfaces of (ε,0)types in the space C3 62
G.P.Omarova On boundedness of pseudodifferential operators in H\"older--Zygmund spaces with variable order of smoothness 68

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