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5, 2015

A.A.Atvinovskii and A.R.Mirotin On some functional calculus of closed operators in a Banach space. II 1
I.A.Bikchantaev Inner uniqueness theorem for second order linear elliptic equation with constant coefficients 13
E.N.Kriger and I.V.Frolenkov An identification problem of coeffcient for twodimensional semilinear parabolic equation with the Cauchy data 17
Nguyen Buong, Nguyen Duong Nguyen, and Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy NewtonKantorovich iterative regularization and generalized discrepancy principle for nonlinear illposed equations involving accretive mappings 32
E.N.Sosov Main metric invariants of finite metric spaces 38
S.N.Timergaliev, A.N.Uglov, and L.S.Kharasova Solvability of geometrically nonlinear boundaryvalue problems for shallow shells of Timoshenko type with pivotally supported edges 41
E.A.Utkina On a third order equations with pseudoparabolic operator and with shift of arguments of soughtfor function 52

Brief communications

A.M.Bikchentaev Ideal Fnorms on C*algebras 58
D.M.Polyakov On spectral properties of fourth order differential operator with periodic and semiperiodic boundary conditions 64
N.Timergaliev, M.A.Zhainibekova, and G.T.Dzhumakaeva Criteria for embedding of classes of Morrey type 69

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