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4, 2015

Yu.M.Dyukarev Criterion for complete indeterminacy of limiting interpolation problem of Stieltjes type in terms of orthonormal matrixfunctions 1
A.Yaakbarieh and V.Zh.Sakbaev Wellposed initial problem for parabolic differentialdifference equations with shifts of time argument 13
A.A.Ladilova On the existence of deformations of the Lie algebras of series Z 20
G.D.Lugovaya and A.N.Sherstnev Description of orthogonal vector fields over W*algebra of type I2 28
M.Mirsaburov and S.T.Chorieva On a problem with shift for degenerate equation of mixed type 38
S.G.Pribegin Boundedness of Cesaro mean values for functions from a Hardy space in a polydisc 46
O.A.Repin and S.K.Kumykova A nonlocal problem with generalized fractional differential operators for a mixedtype equation in an unbounded domain 50
K.S.Fayazov and I.O.Khazhiev Conditional correctness of boundaryvalue problem for a composite fourthorder differential equation 54
B.N.Khabibullin Sequences of nonuniqueness for weight spaces of holomorphic functions 63

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