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№ 3, 2015

A.N.Abyzov and D.T.Tapkin On certain classes of rings of formal matrices 1
M.A.Alekhina and O.Yu.Barsukova Upper bound of unreliability of circuits in a basis consisting of Webb functions 13
P.V.Bibikov Classification of control ensembles of projective points 25
G.A.Grigoryan Global solvability of scalar Riccati equations 31
V.P.Derevenskii Exact differential equations over matrix skew series 43
I.A.Zelenskaya System of singularly perturbed equations with differential turning point of the first kind 55

Brief communications

I.B.Badriev, M.V.Makarov, and V.N.Paimushin On the interaction of composite plate having a vibration-absorbing covering with incident acoustic wave 66

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