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№ 2, 2015

A.R.Abdullaev and I.M.Plaksina An estimate of the spectral radius of a certain singular integral operator 1
O.G.Avsyankin Projection method for integral operators with homogeneous kernels perturbed by one-sided multiplicative shifts 7
S.S.Volosivets Hardy–Goldberg operator and its conjugate one in Hardy spaces and BMO(T) 14
I.Yu.Vygodchikova On approximation of multivalued mapping by algebraic polynomial with constraints 25
V.V.Gorbatsevich On the maximal finite-dimensional Lie algebras with given nilradical 29
S.I.Dudov and E.A.Meshcheryakova On asphericity of convex bodies 36
A.G.Egorov and A.A.Salamatin Optimization problems in a theory of supercritical fluid extraction of oil 48
B.A.Kats, S.R.Mironova, and A.Yu.Pogodina A jump problem on a contour with limit continuum 57

Brief communications

D.A.Bredikhin On identities of relation algebras with domino operations 62
A.V.Lapin and A.D.Romanenko Solving the problem of Bingham fluid flow in cylindrical pipeline 67

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