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№ 1, 2015

A.V.Abanin and Le Hai Khoi Linear Continuous right inverse to convolution operator in spaces of holomorphic functions of polynomial growth 1
A.A.Gorshkov and M.I.Sumin The Stable Lagrange principle in sequential form for the convex programming problem in a uniformly convex space and its applications 11
Yu.F.Dolgii and E.V.Koshkin Stabilization of periodic systems with aftereffect by finite-dimensional approximations 24
K.B.Sabitov and S.N.Sidorov Inverse problem for degenerate parabolic-hyperbolic equation with nonlocal boundary condition 39
I.V.Usimov Algebras of the equivariant cohomologies of an F-classifying Tk-spaces 51
V.E.Fedorov and D.M.Gordievskikh Resolving operators of degenerate evolution equations with fractional derivative with respect to time 60

Brief communications

F.G.Avkhadiev Hardy type Lp-inequalities in r-close-to-convex domains 71

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