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№9, 2009

D.V.Vozhzhov and V.A.Nogin Complex powers of degenerate differential operators connected with the Klein-Gordon-Fock operator 1
A.V.Glushak Correctness of Cauchy-type problems for abstract differential equations with fractional derivatives 10
Yu.F.Korobeinik The absolutely representing families in certain classes of locally convex spaces 20
V.N.Salii Automata all of whose congruences are inner 29
V.P.Tanana and N.Yu.Kolesnikova Error estimation of approximate solutions to one inverse problem for a parabolic equation 38
M.R.Timirshin Some properties of graphs of closed operators 45
L.N.Krivonosov and V.A.Luk'yanov The relationship between the einstein and Yang-Mills equations 62
K.B.Igudesman Top addresses for a certain family of iterated function system on a segment 67
A.M.Shur Growth rates of power-free languages 73

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