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№8, 2009

B.G.Gabdulkhaev Continuity and compactness of singular integral operators 1
B.G.Grebenshchikov Construction of almost periodic solutions to one quasilinear system with two delays 8
V.I.Grunskaya Realizability of words in mosaic labyrinths 15
V.S.Klimov and A.Yu.Ukhalov The averaging method and the asymptotic behavior of solutions to differential inclusions 20
I.V.Konnov Descent method with inexact linesearch for mixed variational inequalities 29
A.S.Kuz'mina Varieties of rings, where all subdirectly irreducible finite rings are Armendariz ones 36
A.A.Ladilova Filtered deformations of the Frank algebras 43
F.G.Mukhlisov and A.M.Nigmetzyanova Solution of boundary-value problems for a degenerating elliptic equation of the second kind by the method of potentials 46
D.V.Reshetnikov Computation of cohomology groups of the Lie algebras of type Bn and Cn 58
M.T.Teryokhin The limit cycles of a second-order system of differential equations: the method of small forms 60
M.B.Sikhov The embedding and approximation for classes of functions with a dominant mixed difference 69

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