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№7, 2009

V.V.Krasil'shchikov, A.V.Shutov, and V.G.Zhuravlev One-dimensional quasiperiodic tilings admitting progressions enclosure 1
V.A.Kyrov Phenomenologically symmetric local lie groups of transformations of the space Rs 7
A.D.Lyashko, Sh.I.Tayupov, and M.R.Timerbaev High-accuracy schemes of the finite element method for systems of degenerate elliptic equations on an interval 17
P.I.Troshin Multivalued dynamic systems with weights 28
I.V.Shestakov The Cauchy problem in Sobolev spaces for Dirac operators 43
T.G.Alyonina Dual affine-metrically connected spaces 55
A.V.Arguchintsev and V.P.Poplevko Optimization of one class of hyperbolic systems with smooth controls 60
M.V.Zubkov A theorem on strongly $\eta$-representable sets 65

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