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№5, 2009

A.S.Bannikov A nonstationary group pursuit problem 1
V.V.Verbitskii, A.V.Verbitskii A mixed finite element method for a shallow shell problem with a stress function 10
S.V.Kornev, V.V.Obukhovskii Localization of the method of guiding functions in the problem about periodic solutions of differential inclusions 19
V.A.Luk'yanov One-dimensional Lagrangians generated by a quadratic form 28
N.N.Yusupova Estimation on curves of Dirichlet series with a convex growth majorant 38
V.G.Zvyagin and A.V.Kuznetsov Optimal control in a model of the motion of a viscoelastic medium with objective derivative 48
A.V.Lekomtsev and V.G.Pimenov A semiexplicit method for numerical solution of functional differential algebraic equations 54
E.M.Romanova Cartan connection and its geodesics on a manifold of nondegenerate affinor fields 59
E.N.Smirnova Dual affine connections on a quadratic hyperband distribution in a projective-metric space and their applications 63
I.S.Strel'tsova R-conformal invariants of curves 67

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