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№4, 2009

G.W.Wasilkowski and H.Wozniakowski A survey of average case complexity for linear multivariate problems 1
I.V.Gerdt Abelian groups small with respect to reduced groups 15
A.V.Kartashova Lattices of topologies of unary algebras of the variety A1,1 20
N.K.Mamadaliev The Gellerstedt problem for a parabolic-hyperbolic equation of the second kind 26
S.A.Modina Regularization of a three-element functional equation 31
V.L.Usol'tsev Free algebras of a unary variety with Mal'tsev's operation that satisfies the Pixley conditions 34
E.A.Utkina A certain boundary-value problem with shifts in a four-dimensional space 40
V.V.Klyuchev The necessary and sufficient conditions for the qualified convergence of difference methods for approximate solution of the ill-posed Cauchy problem in a Banach space 45
E.R.Mansurova An analog of the Tricomi problem with a nonlocal integral conjugate condition 49
B.F.Mel'nikov, M.R.Saifullina Some algorithms for equivalent transformation of nondeterministic finite automata 54
M.V.Morgun Affine transformations of the direct product of nonprojective Euclidean affinely connected spaces 58
M.A.Parinov Wave solutions admitting elliptic helices to Maxwell equations 62

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