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№12, 2009

Yu.R.Agachev and R.K.Gubaidullina A cubature method for solving one class of multidimensional weakly singular integral equations 1
A.G.Baskakov and K.A.Sintyaeva The Bohr-Favard inequalities for operators 11
A.F.Galimyanov and D.E.Saifullina A quadrature method for solving integral equations of the mixed type 18
L.B.Ermolaeva Solution of singular integral equations by the method of oscillating functions 23
A.I.Perov On the Hadamard lemma and the Lipschitz condition 30
Yu.K.Sabitova Nonlocal initial-boundary-value problems for a degenerate hyperbolic equation 41
S.I.Tarasova The closure of the sheaf of trajectories of a linear control system with integral constraints 50
A.V.Aristarkhova Pseudoconformally-flat and pseudo-flat quasi-Sasakian manifolds 59
E.S.Baranovskii Optimal problems for parabolic-type systems with aspheric sets of admissible controls 63
A.M.Bikchentaev Commutativity of projectors and trace characterization on von Neumann algebras I 68
D.Kh.Giniyatova Generalization of theorems of Szasz and Ruscheweyh on exact bounds for derivatives of analytic functions 72
A.A.Sedaev Singular symmetric functionals and stabilizing subspaces of Marcinkiewicz spaces 77
P.I.Troshin Systems of two iterated functions over skew field of quaternions 81

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