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№11, 2009

G.A.Akishev Absolute convergence of Fourier series of superpositions of functions 1
A.A.Bakhristova The Neumann problem for a mixed-type equation in a rectangular domain 9
T.A.Beregovaya On definability of completely decomposable torsion-free Abelian groups by certain groups of homomorphisms 16
E.T.Ivlev and E.A.Moldovanova Differentiable mappings of affine spaces into manifolds of m-planes in a multidimensional Euclidean space 20
K.B.Sabitov and A.Kh.Suleimanova The Dirichlet problem for a mixed-type equation with characteristic degeneration in a rectangular domain 37
Yu.N.Subbotin Form-preserving exponential approximation 46
A.V.Bukina and V.A.Terletskii The necessary optimality conditions for a controllable integro-differential system 53
F.N.Garif'yanov Representation of automorphic forms as lacunary series and Blaschke products 58
A.V.Khristoforova Dual connections on a normalized hypersurface in an affinely connected space 63
V.V.Cherkasova Connections induced by the rolling of a ball on a surface 69
A.N.Chuprunov and L.P.Terekhova An almost sure limit theorem for random sums of independent random variables in the domain of attraction of a semistable law 74

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