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№10, 2009

E.V.Voskresenskii Controllability and synthesis of control for nonlinear systems 1
V.I.Grunskaya Distinguishability of s-labyrinths 11
V.P.Derevenskii A matrix Bernoulli equation in the adjoint matrix representation of simple three-dimensional Lie algebras 18
A.V.Kazanova and Yu.V.Eliyashev On the homology groups of arrangements of complex planes of codimension two 28
A.A.Kytmanov Analogs of recurrent Newton formulas 34
M.A.Nalbandyan Representation of measurable functions by series in Walsh subsystems 45
N.S.Akhmedzhanova and S.N.Ushakova Solving the maximum problem for the terminal norm of a linear control system 57
S.A.Grigoryan and A.F.Salakhutdinov C*-algebras generated by semigroups 61
S.I.Kalmykov Polynomials with curved majorants on two segments 64
R.B.Salimov and P.L.Shabalin Mapping of a half-plane onto a polygon with infinitely many vertices 68
P.A.Chistyakov Regularization of operator equations with B-symmetric and B-positive operators in Banach spaces 72

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