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№ 9, 2014

V.P.Derevenskii First-order polynomial differential equations over matrix skew series 1
S.V.Kirichenko and L.S.Pul’kina A Problem with nonlocal initial data for one-dimensional hyperbolic equation 13
V.S.Klimov Variational inequalities with strong nonlinearities 22
V.V.Men’shikh and V.F.Subbotin Properties of the Coxeter transformations for the affine Dynkin cycle 36
A.I.Perov New features of stability of linear systems of differential equations with constant coefficients 41
A.P.Starovoitov The asymptotic form of the Hermite–Pade approximations for a system of Mittag-Leffler functions 49

Brief communications

A.V.Zvyagin and V.P.Orlov First nonzero eigenvalue of a pseudo-umbilical hypersurface in the unit sphere 57
A.V.Zykina and N.V.Melenchuk Finite number of iterations in the two-step extragradient method 62
A.N.Leshchev Computational power of one-way Turing machines with sublogarithmic memory restrictions 66
A.F.Shamsutdinov Properties of renormalization group flow in the neighborhood of Gaussian fixed point 71

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