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№ 8, 2014

A.N.Abyzov I*0-modules 1
D.N.Azarov Approximability of finite rank soluble groups by certain classes of finite groups 15
M.S.Blizorukova and V.I.Maksimov On reconstruction of an input of a parabolic equation on an infinite time interval 24
S.V.Galaev Almost contact Kahler manifolds of constant holomorphic sectional curvature 35
Sh.T.Ishmukhametov and F.F.Sharifullina On distribution of semiprime numbers 43
I.V.Konnov Application of the penalty method to nonstationary approximation of an optimization problem 49
Majid Ali Choudhary First nonzero eigenvalue of a pseudo-umbilical hypersurface in the unit sphere 56
O.A.Repin and S.K.Kumykova A nonlocal problem with fractional derivatives for the mixed type equation 65

Brief communications

M.A.Aukhadiev, A.S.Nikitin, and A.S.Sitdikov A crossed product of the canonical anticommutation relations algebra in the Cuntz algebra 71
D.A.Bredikhin and A.V.Popovich Identities of semigroups of relations with an operator of reflexive double cylindrification 74
V.A.Srochko and V.G.Antonik Sufficient optimality conditions for extremal controls based on functional increment formulas 78

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