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№ 7, 2014

A.G.Baskakov, N.S.Kaluzhina, and D.M.Polyakov Slowly varying at infinity operator semigroups 1
A.E.Bekaeva, V.V.Karachik, and B.Kh.Turmetov Solvability of some boundary-value problems for polyharmonic equation with Hadamard–Marchaud boundary operator 11
S.B.Vakarchuk, M.Sh.Shabozov, and M.R.Langarshoev On the best mean square approximations by entire functions of exponential type in L2(R) and mean ν-widths of some functional classes 25
N.S.Gabbasov and S.S.Solov’eva Special version of the subdomain method for a class of integral equations of the third kind in the space of distributions 42
D.Dauitbek, N.E.Tokmagambetov, and K.S.Tulenov Commutator inequalities associated with polar decompositions of τ-measurable operators 48
O.S.Zikirov Dirichlet problem for third-order hyperbolic equations 53
M.Yu.Kokurin Sourcewise representability conditions and power estimates of convergence rate in Tikhonov’s scheme for solving ill-posed extremal pProblems 61

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