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№ 6, 2014

E.G.Ganenkova Set of ambiguous points for functions in Rn 1
V.I.Danchenko and A.E.Dodonov Estimates for Lp-norms of simple partial fractions 6
D.Kh.Dzhumabaev Rearrangement formulas for the singular Henkin–Ramirez integral in strictly pseudoconvex domains 16
N.P.Mozhei Affine connections on three-dimensional pseudo-Riemannian homogeneous spaces. II 28
M.V.Mulyukov Asymptotic stability of two-parameter systems of delay differential equations 44
R.Yu.Simanchev Combinatorial Structure and adjacency of vertices of polytope of b-factors 51

Brief communications

S.I.Kalmykov and D.B.Karp Logarithmic concavity of series in gamma ratios 63
R.M.Safina A criterion of uniqueness of a solution to the Dirichlet problem with the axial symmetry for the three-dimensional mixed type equation with the Bessel operator 69

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