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№ 4, 2014

Статистика посещений с 16.06.2010: 724

Статистика посещений с 16.06.2010: 10421

E.V.Vladova, M.S.Matveichuk, and Yu.G.Ogai On classification of von Neumann algebras in a space with conjugation 1
R.N.Gumerov Characters and coverings of compact groups 7
R.V.Markov Pierce sheaf for semirings with involution 14
T.L.Sabatulina and V.V.Malygina On stability of a differential equation with aftereffect 20
S.M.Umarkhadzhiev Generalization of the notion of grand Lebesgue space 35
K.M.Chudinov Functional differential inequalities and estimation of the Cauchy function of an equation with aftereffect 44
A.A.Shcheglova and S.A.Anishchuk Index for linear systems of differential-algebraic equations with partial derivatives 52

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