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№ 3, 2014

A.S.Volkova and V.V.Provotorov Generalized solutions and generalized eigenfunctions of boundary-value problems on a geometric graph 1
V.V.Malygina On positiveness of the fundamental solution of a difference equation 14
S.M.Ratseev Necessary and sufficient conditions of polynomial growth of varieties of Leibniz–Poisson algebras 26
S.N.Timergaliev On the existence of solutions to geometrically nonlinear problems for shallow Timoshenko-type shells with free edges 31
E.A.Shirokova On the approximate conformal mapping of the unit disk on a simply connected domain 47
D.B.Kats Marcinkiewicz exponents and their application in boundary-value problems 57
D.V.Kurlikovskii Methods of localization of discontinuities in solution of first kind equation of convolution type 60

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